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Improving access to services through efficient and accountable referral pathways

As part of its commitment to increasing coordination through a common platform to manage referrals, RIMS has its own governance structure made of a Steering Committee, an Advisory Board and a Partners Group, all which seek to engage RIMS partners in the strategic and technical development of the System.

  • The RIMS Steering Committee is composed of seven organisations, Medair, Oxfam, Save the Children, GVC, NRC, Solidarite Internationale, and DRC, and is responsible for furthering the strategic direction of RIMS.
  • The RIMS Advisory Board is open to all RIMS partners and contributes to the technical developments to RIMS.
  • The RIMS Partners Group brings together all RIMS partners for updates to RIMS.


DRC technically owns and manages RIMS

DRC leads on the technical support and technical developments to RIMS. Nevertheless, the RIMS Governance Structure allows for all RIMS partners to actively take part in the strategy and innovative technical developments of RIMS.