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Improving access to services through efficient and accountable referral pathways

RIMS dashboards have been designed to enable stakeholders engaged with referrals, such as sector coordinators and senior management of partner organisations, to monitor and analyse trends and gaps in referrals, and support evidence-based decision-making and programming.

Dashboards Types

  1. Aggregated, anonymised dashboards that compile all referrals made by all partners on RIMS, and do not reveal any partners’ name nor beneficiary information. They can be used to identify general trends in referrals within and between sectors, and identify gaps in the effectiveness and accountability of referrals across the response.
  2. Partner-specific dashboards, designed specifically to support each partner’s monitoring of their own referrals, and internal analysis.

These dashboards are live data on RIMS.


RIMS Dynamic Dashboard

Both RIMS dashboards and RIMS reports are essential to conduct analysis and identify challenges, bottlenecks, and trends in referral pathways, with the ultimate objective of better field coordination and access to services during response to humanitarian emergencies.

For more support on referral data analysis, you can use the support material in this website or you can contact RIMS team.