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Improving access to services through efficient and accountable referral pathways

RIMS is a flexible, user-friendly and dynamic system which was designed to improve referrals management through innovative features, and constantly improved based on user-feedback.

RIMS features include:

  • Send referrals to RIMS partners and non-RIMS partners through an electronic version of the Inter-Agency Referral Form (IRF)
  • Receive, monitor and track referrals on a user-friendly platform
  • Identify the person to refer to through the dynamic, SMART, RIMS Service Mapping that provides guidance to the user by matching beneficiary need with relevant service providers
  • Analyse referrals through interactive dashboards tailored to each partner
  • Extract RIMS data directly on excel to support reporting
  • Conduct offline referrals through ODK offline form which can be submitted on the system


RIMS V4 New Features 

All of this in a fully secure manner, with encrypted data and specific permissions provided to each user depending on their role in the organization!